Lee Battersby

Half Man, Half Writer!

Through Soft Air

Lee Battersby's writing is Solid Air. I can't think of two words that describe his work better than that. There is dark grit and substance to his writing, something that is so substantial and solid that, when you read his stuff, you can feel it in your hands. All the darkness of the earth is there, the sense there are things dwelling under the floorboards of the house you've just bought that you don't wish to know about, and even further down, if you dig deep enough, you'll find your own personal hell.
From the introduction by Geoffrey Maloney

Through Soft Air

There are places where the world you know, and the worlds you don't, swap, or merge, or disappear entirely. These are the soft spaces, the transparent moments. The ghosts of World War One will steal your future. Masons will carve the date of your death before your gaze. Those versions of yourself from every universe there is will meet, and haunt you for the rest of your days. You will find no safe footing, and the ice beneath you is cracking...

Battersby is at his most potent when his stories are at their darkest, but the collection showcases a writer that has a big future across all forms of the speculative field. His sentences are economical, yet his descriptions, particularly in times of high drama, paint pictures that leap from the page. His characters are rich and believable and his pace and timing impeccable. Through Soft Air is a rare find from an author you will want to discover. And the sooner you do; the better you’ll be for it. -- Horrorscope

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